The Temple of Humanity

Music has always played a significant role within Freemasonry. Classical composers were inspired by their membership and used Masonic references in their compositions. It concerns beautiful music and sometimes these compositions contain a (veiled) message. It is also known that a few jazz musicians were a member of a Masonic lodge.

For the first time in popular music, there is an album of which the music, lyrics and artwork refer to the rich tradition and symbolism of Freemasonry. The album is full of references to the inspiration of the craft of Freemasonry, there is attention for myth, mystery and conspiracy (which usually is a lot of nonsense) and yes, for the close listener and observer, some secrets indeed might be revealed. Everything veiled and revealed in a powerful, musical framework of great music.


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'The Temple of Humanity is groundbreaking. Not only in what it presents but how it presents it. The composition, performance, recording and CD presentation are all up to high modern professional standards.'

Prof. Dr. Malcolm Davies
Professor Freemasonry; University Leiden